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Negotiating Salary: 10 Things to Remember When Seeking a Raise

negotiating salary

You’ve done a good job. You’re making an impact on the bottom line of your employer. You’re contributing positively to the company culture. So you’re thinking: Maybe this is a good time to time to ask for a raise? It most likely is.

But as many young professionals have learned, negotiating salary is a tricky business…   

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Workplace Culture Trends You Should Know About [Infographic]

workplace culture

A company’s values, attitudes, and the way they treat their employees are all a part of what we now know to be “culture.”

But even though you don’t notice the culture at your job 24/7, research shows it has significant impact on productivity, retention, recruiting – and your happiness…   

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Workplace Trends: Remote Work is the Next Big Thing [Infographic]

workplace trends

Sometimes the worst thing about a job is the commute, right? Well, there’s good news…

More and more employees are enjoying a commute that involves nothing more than grabbing a cup of coffee and walking down the hall to their home office.   

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By The Numbers: Should I Start a Side Hustle? [Infographic]

side hustle

There are several major expenses that recent graduates can anticipate as they transition into the working world. Whether financing a new car or buying a house, you will often need a sizeable amount already saved in order to put a down payment on either. A side hustle will help you save money for these goals and help you achieve financial stability to maintain good credit and qualify for loans.   

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Career Rut? 5 ways to Break Out, Move Up, and Stay on Track

career rut

When you’re really lucky, you genuinely love your job. You wake up every day excited to slip on that business casual and hang out with your office besties. Any opportunity you’re given to tackle an important project or make a big presentation feels like a treat, and you have a long-term plan for yourself in your current industry… or maybe even at your current organization. Unfortunately, most of us haven’t hit that job jackpot yet. According to a new study from LinkedIn, nearly a quarter of employees feel like they’re in a career rut and almost half those surveyed between the ages of 35 and 44 have no clear idea of their career paths, putting them at risk of “sleepwalking” through their work life.    

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How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges [Infographic]

burning bridges

We try so hard to make a good first impression, but just as important are the final ones – especially when it comes to quitting a job.

So how do quit your job without burning bridges?   

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