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How to Enjoy the Life of a Digital Nomad [Infographic]

digital nomad

Whether self-employed or working for a company, many professionals are taking advantage of the accessibility that new technology provides. Some may choose to simply stay in their pajamas and work from home, while others use the remote opportunity to travel. Such an adventurer is called a digital nomad.   

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Reducing Work-Related Stress: How to Avoid Career Burnout

career burnout

Are you are an employee, feeling overwhelmed, worrying about career burnout, and wondering “is it just me?” Fear not because you are not alone. This post explores the facts behind the headlines and shares tips for overcoming work-related stress, depression, and burnout to improve your well-being.   

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Getting Started: The Cure for Procrastination [Infographic]

getting started

Do you suffer from the dreaded disease, “puttingthingsofftilthelastminuteitus?” Do you have trouble getting started when it comes to overwhelming tasks? Many people do. In fact, only one in ten Americans achieve everything they set out to do each day. Sometimes it just takes one ‘iceberg’ task to sink all of your good intentions. You put it off until after lunch, then move it to the end of the day, and finally… first thing to tomorrow. Eventually, your ‘to do’ list becomes more like a novel. Your stress rises. Stress and procrastination affect your mental and physical health. And things go downhill from there.   

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De-stress: How to Stop Thinking About Work After Hours [Infographic]


It seems like working hours keep getting longer and longer these days. Whether you’re still checking your emails on the bus home or worrying about work problems when you should be preparing your evening meal, it feels like the 21st-century office has been relocated to your mind. But too much work can kill you. Your cardiovascular system, moods, energy levels, and how much you sleep all suffer when you work too much. When you lay awake at night thinking about work, you’re putting your whole system under increased strain. It’s to take back your life after hours de-stress and learn to leave work behind.   

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Daily Routines: How to Consistently Become More Creative [Infographic]

daily routines

Creativity can be as elusive as it is rewarding. Inspiration usually lies just beyond the intellect’s reach, sparking our best work and sneaking away when we need it most—right before that big deadline. Our daily routines can either nurture or hold back our creativity. Some of the most creative people in history adhered to strict routines. With a little practice, you too can develop habits that ignite your imagination more often.   

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Career Planning: It’s Never Too Early for Your Future to Begin

career planning

What do you see yourself doing 3-5 years from now? And how will you get there? If you haven’t thought about the answers to these questions, now is a really good time to start career planning.   

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