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Who Are the Women Leaders We Should be Looking to and Supporting?

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The truth is that we still have profound issues to deal with when it comes to equality and diversity (in management) in the workplace.

But all hope is not lost; it is clear that women are gaining a voice around these issues and momentum appears to be on our side in some industries.    

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Breaking Glass: Managing Career Expectations Against Company Goals

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In this episode of Breaking Glass, we tackled the question of how to manage your own career expectations against company goals. Joining our discussion: the amazing Ayelet Baron, futurist and keynote speaker, and the always direct Joe Cardillo, project manager and entrepreneur.

Here are the salient points we discovered in our conversation:   

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Career Advice For Women, From Women: Breaking Glass Episode 1

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On our first Breaking Glass episode on Blab, we covered a lot of ground.

And we are very proud that we, in our first show, put a real dent in our mission: to help younger women navigate their career path as we – established career women, advisors, mentors – take on hot topics and answer the tough questions.   

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Breaking Glass: Straight Up Advice for Young Career Women

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Welcome to YouTern’s “Breaking Glass” … a new kind of media channel on YouTern.

A place where younger women can seek and receive advice from established women on how to recognize and navigate the obstacles they confront in the workplace…   

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