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#60Day Challenge, Day 14: Volunteer!

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One of the best ways for a young professional with limited work experience to impress an employer? Volunteering.

And yet, very few young careerists feature volunteering on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles. So your task for Day 14 of the #60Day Challenge: arrange two high-quality volunteer assignments…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 13: Build Your Employer Target List

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Today’s challenge isn’t an easy one; it will take time and, like yesterday’s challenge, a bit reflection to do well. However, completing this task will enable you to maintain your focus on those companies right for your career goals.


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#60Day Challenge, Day 12: Find Your Fit

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The shotgun approach to job searching is a tremendous time-suck. Applying for any job, at any company, is wholly ineffective – and a tremendous waste of your time and that of the recruiters where you submitted an application. If you don’t care about that job at that company, the recruiter knows it. How? Recruiters can smell apathy from a mile away.

So how do you set yourself apart from all the shotgun-carrying job seekers? You find your fit.   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 11: Order Your Business Cards

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Whoever said business cards are just for working professionals… was wrong.

Business cards serve many purposes outside traditional corporate America – and there is no requirement that says you have to have a job, to have a business card.

As students and job seekers, business cards are a great way to stand out among others vying for jobs or internships…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 8: Set Up Three Informational Interviews

#60Day 8 of 60a

In the first couple days of the #60Day Challenge, you re-established contact with existing mentors and began to identify potential new mentors. From Day 3 to Day 7, you polished your social networking profiles to a brilliant shine. On Day 8 of the challenge, you’re going to put all that hard work, to work… by securing three informational interviews with influencers in your industry. Let’s get started…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 7: Social Media Sanity Check

#60Day 7 of 60

Today, Day 7 of the #60Day Challenge, we help you determine if you’re doing social right, and perhaps where you might need to improve, with a Social Media Sanity Check…

So how do you know if all that work you’re doing online – work you will certainly continue doing during the #60Day Challenge – is paying off? To learn the answer, we’ve developed what we call a “Social Media Sanity Check”. To get started, thoroughly answer these ten questions.   

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