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How to Crush the Career Blues This Summer [Infographic]

career blues

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and the sky is blue. Summer has arrived! But you’re still stuck in the office. As you gaze out the window with longing in your heart, your productivity suffers, and your attitude sours.

Welcome to the career blues…   

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High Demand Professional Jobs in 2018 [Infographic]

professional jobs

Across numerous industries, the demand for young talent to fill key positions remains high. But what do these in-demand jobs look like? How much do they pay?

This infographic from Ajilon lays out the top 10 high demand jobs for young professionals in 2018…


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Step Up Your Job Search: Use the Full Power of LinkedIn [Infographic]

LinkedIn tools

Looking for a way to shift your job search into high gear? You’re not alone.

So why not take full advantage of the most powerful job search networking platform available, LinkedIn?   

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Workplace Attitude: Overcoming Negative Thinking [Infographic]

workplace attitude

In the workplace, working alongside many colleagues, if even one person is having a bad day, the negativity can create friction and unhappiness affecting workplace attitude.

This infographic from QuidCorner looks at how to handle the challenge of not getting bogged down by negative thoughts or gloomy moods…   

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How to Set and Accomplish Career Goals [Infographic]

accomplish career goals

Do you have career goals? Most people will say their goal is success. But how do you achieve it?

A little careful planning can help you set and accomplish career goals that will act as stepping stones to the success you desire…   

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Social Media Job Search: The Job Hunting Equalizer [Infographic]

social media job search

The internet has become an essential job-seeking resource. In fact, today less than 5 percent of all employers ignore using social media for hiring.

So a social media job search has, for many, become the job hunting equalizer…


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