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By The Numbers: Should I Start a Side Hustle? [Infographic]

side hustle

There are several major expenses that recent graduates can anticipate as they transition into the working world. Whether financing a new car or buying a house, you will often need a sizeable amount already saved in order to put a down payment on either. A side hustle will help you save money for these goals and help you achieve financial stability to maintain good credit and qualify for loans.   

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12 Undeniable Characteristics of a Great Boss [Infographic]

great boss

Perhaps the best indicators of whether a boss will be a good fit for you? The existing company culture and leadership style.

For your next gig, don’t just look for a great job. Look for a great boss.   

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How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges [Infographic]

burning bridges

We try so hard to make a good first impression, but just as important are the final ones – especially when it comes to quitting a job.

So how do quit your job without burning bridges?   

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9 Productivity Mistakes: How to Avoid a Slow Start to The Day [Infographic]

productivity mistakes

No matter how tempting it might be to ease into the day at your own pace, productivity experts say that those first 10 minutes are crucial for setting us up for a successful day. The productivity mistakes we make in the first 10 minutes of the day can actually ruin the entire day. It’s not just the morning blues. In fact, getting a head start on our work, but doing it in the wrong way, can have a negative an impact on our productivity.   

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Are You Destined to Become a Future Freelancer? [Infographic]

future freelancer

While it may seem like traditional jobs are disappearing, opportunities for freelancers have grown significantly.

Having trouble finding your place in the traditional business world? Maybe your destiny is to become a future freelancer…   

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