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How to Prepare for 10 Odd Job Interview Questions [Infographic]

odd interview questions

Most of us have had, at some point in our lives, a teacher, a professor, or a mentor who encouraged our participation in active discussion by uttering the ubiquitous phrase, “There are no stupid questions.” Then we grew up and started going to job interviews. In all seriousness, however, if you’re actively seeking employment chances are you’ve run into a few odd interview questions that put that old adage to the test.   

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Strategic Recognition: Do You Feel Appreciated? [Infographic]

Strategic recognition

Labor Day was, and is, our government’s way of saying “Thank You” to the people who keep the economy running, the laborers and employees who do the actual work. Many of us enjoy the extended weekend at the beginning of September while still receiving pay for the holiday. But the idea of thanking employees for their efforts, through perks, bonuses, and awards has a far greater impact on business success than this one weekend a year. In fact, such strategic recognition helps employees feel appreciated, remain engaged, become invested in the company’s goals.   

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10 Remote Working Statistics You Need to Know [Infographic]

remote working

Because of the current pandemic, many of us have made a rather quick transition to remote working. But there are still many unanswered questions. Will this be a passing trend? Or will we continue to depend on home offices in the future? Is the traditional office really going to become obsolete?   

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Personal Branding: Your Path to Career Success [Infographic]

personal branding

With the rise of social media, personal branding is becoming more important than ever. From your LinkedIn profile to your Instagram account, your brand can be used to create a cohesive summary of who you are and what you represent. A succinct and cohesive personal brand can help set you on the path to success in your career by building brand recognition and improving your network of connections.   

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By the Numbers: What Employee Engagement Means to You [Infographic]

employee engagement

Employee engagement creates the right conditions for all members of an organization to give of their best each day, commit to their organization’s goals, and contribute to the organization. Engagement, based on trust and integrity, is a two-way commitment between an organization and its members. And it increases the chances of business success. But what does employee engagement mean for you, as the employee?   

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Top Skills You Should Include on Your Resume [Infographic]

top skills

One of the most important parts of any resume is the skills section. Selecting the right skills to highlight on a particular resume can make or break you as a candidate. But understanding the hard and soft skills that will best position you to earn that coveted interview can often feel like a guessing game. There’s a lot at stake. To be successful, you need to learn the top skills that companies are looking for today.   

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