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Before Your Job Interview Ends: 5 Absolute Must Ask Questions


No, these are NOT the MOST important questions to ask during that “do you have any questions for me? portion of the interview…

But you shouldn’t leave a job interview without asking them!   

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For a Successful Job Interview: Manage Your Nerves!


You’ve done everything right, and it worked! You’ve landed a job interview for the perfect job for the perfect employer.

YIKES! A job interview! If you are like the vast majority of people, while you are thrilled and excited at this opportunity, you are also terrified…   

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35 Ways You’re Wasting Time in Your Job Search


A job search can be a very tough slog through seemingly unending rejection – definitely not fun, particularly if you are unemployed with bills to pay.

This problem is made even worse if you haven’t modified your job search strategy to works today, in the Social Age…   

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After the Offer: How Do You Calculate Total Compensation?


When they get that first job offer, too many young careerists focus almost exclusively on salary – good old dollars and not-so-common sense – as their “compensation.” They fail to calculate the all-inclusive offer. In order to negotiate the best possible compensation package, however, you must understand how salaries, benefits, perks, commissions and bonuses work all combine to form the real offer. So today, we’re going to give you a crash course in total compensation (Yes, we know this is a long post… so be sure to bookmark this page… we want you to be more than ready when you get that great offer!).   

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10 Secrets to Acing Your Online Video Job Interview

Job interview meme

Because they enable inexpensive long-distance face-to-face discussions as well as quick discussions over short distances, online job interviews via video (typically Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout) are becoming much more common. So how do you make sure you’re ready for your close-up? Start with ten secrets, and then ace your next video interview… Ask This One Question First First and foremost, be sure to get an answer to the question, “What video method will you be using?” If the answer is Skype or Hangout, immediately start with the preparation steps below using the appropriate network. On the other hand, if the employer   

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Signs Your Job Interview Isn’t Going Well (And How to Recover)

Job Interview Disconnect

Sometimes, even during a job interview, you have the feeling that things aren’t going well for you.

Often, things aren’t as bad as they seem; your nerves might be getting the best of you. Other times, you may be right… and you may be losing your audience to distractions, outside influences, or disinterest in you.   

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