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The New Rules for Today’s Successful Job Search

rules for a successful job search

The new rules for a successful job search are not difficult to understand But, these rules have changed substantially from those religiously followed in the past.

To understand what works today for successful job search, follow these new rules…   

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Privacy is a Job Seach Killer: Online Visibility Now Required

privacy and online visibility

We all do research online when considering a purchase, even going to a restaurant or a movie. In doing so, we are protecting our investment.

Not surprisingly, recruiters and employers do the same thing. Online, they research job applicants and job candidates to see what they can find out…   

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Staying Current: A New Requirement for Career Success

staying current

Are you up-to-date? Are you comfortable using the technology required by most employers for your job? Are you paying attention to the technology that is impacting your industry and profession?

Don’t assume that someone is watching over you, ensuring that you are staying current…   

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Before You Apply: Know the Company Inside and Out

know the company

For many job seekers, a successful job search means winning the war for employment. “Know the enemy” is one of the foundation elements in winning a war. This idea was first expressed by Chinese general (and philosopher) Sun Tzu many, many centuries ago.   

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To Get Hired: Be Found Where Recruiters Look

where recruiters look

Today, if you aren’t easy for recruiters to find and obviously qualified for the job they are trying to fill… you are invisible to them. Recruiters today are in a hurry to fill their jobs. The reason they don’t take more time is simple: the majority of recruiters are measured on their “time-to-hire” — how quickly they fill job openings. So, most recruiters don’t have, or take, the time to read a complete resume or social profile to determine if you would be a good fit for the job they are trying to fill. If you aren’t obviously qualified for their job opening,   

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How to Put Volunteering to Work for Your Career

Volunteering and Your Career

Volunteering can be helpful for your job search and career in many ways. In fact, you help an organization or a worthy cause while you also: Expand your network to include not only the people in the organization you support and the people the organization serves Build your confidence, and remind yourself how good you are at what you do Gain new skills and/or improve the skills you have Build your professional visibility in your field Fill an “employment gap” on your resume if you are unemployed Get out of your home and away from your computer But how do you   

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