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10 Ways to Know That You Just Had a Really Great Job Interview

great job interview

So how can you tell a great job interview from a bad one?

Although you usually have some feeling about how you did, truth is you really don’t know how you did or even if the interview went well until you get the good-news call…   

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Personal Blog or LinkedIn: What is Best for Your Job Search?

personal blog

I’ve read several articles recommending that all job seekers start blogging to land their next jobs. While it may be a good idea for some people, I disagree that it is a good idea for all — or even for most — job seekers.   

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The Most Critical Keywords for Your Career: Your Full Name

critical keywords

When creating a unique personal brand and building a great career, what are your most critical keywords?

A recent experience reminded me how important our names are as keywords for both our job searching and our careers. Working with a client, I needed to find her LinkedIn Profile to document her professional qualifications for a short bio…   

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You’ve Received an Emailed Job Interview Invitation… Now What?

job interview invitation

As an active job seeker, you look forward to getting that job interview invitation in your email inbox. And then, from either an employer or a recruiter… there it is!

So now what? How do you properly and professionally respond?   

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To Be Hired Today: Earn an Employee Referral

employee referral

Being recommended to the employer by a current employee is usually the best and fastest way to a new job. Known as an “employee referral,” a referred candidate is five times more likely to be hired than a candidate who was not referred.

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Today’s Smart Job Search Goes Beyond Job Boards

smart job search

Recruiters are searching relentlessly online for qualified candidates because job postings are less effective today.

So rather than spending all of your job search efforts on job boards submitting applications, today’s smart job search means incorporating these two mindsets…   

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