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Rise Above the Competition: Be Brave Enough to Be the Different Candidate

Be the different candidate

Unemployment is low. Companies ARE hiring, but they aren’t hiring everyone. They are in the position to be very being very picky about the candidates they hire.

Everyone is looking for candidate who stands out from the competition. Are you brave enough to be different?   

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Virtual Job Fairs: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

virtual job fairs

Let’s face it. We live in a virtual world. Every day more and more of our lives are moving online.

And so it only makes sense that the process of job hunting, hiring, and job fairs is going virtual…   

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You Will Change Jobs: Gold Watch Status a Thing of the Past

no gold watch change jobs

Jobs, today, are like getting on and off a carousel. You’ll never be a life-time employee of any one company. So, align yourself with the right people and make relationships last. You never know how that relationship might impact your next career move.   

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7 Reasons a Band-Aid Job is The Right Move for Your Career

band-aid job

A Band-Aid Job is a job to help stop the bleeding when you need a job the most. A Band- Aid Job is a job that may not be your most ideal job, but will be a job where you can make money quickly. A Band-Aid Job is a job that is temporary until you find the job that you have ultimately been seeking.   

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5 Resume Mistakes You Can NEVER Make

resume mistakes

I am simply amazed by the resume mistakes I see. The misspellings, the run on sentences, the formatting, and the blatant lack of attention to detail are simply astounding… I need a red pen just to mark up the resume! As I have said more than once, even in the age of social media and LinkedIn, resumes are essential in your job search. Which means there are common resume mistakes that must be eliminated. I want to share with you some of those common errors and hopefully you will NEVER make these mistakes. After all, a resume is, in many   

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7 Tested Ways to Avoid a Career Tailspin

career tailspin

We’ve all made bad career decisions. Or you will at some point in your life. I can guarantee this. I see it and hear it daily from candidates seemingly stuck in a career tailspin.

At the time, of course, we felt like we were making the right decision. But realized quickly we were doing something horribly wrong for our careers…   

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