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Social Influence Scoring: Klouty with A Chance of Pointless


As social media becomes more intertwined with our daily lives, there are a growing number of ways to try to evaluate our online credibility, capability, influence, and value.

It’s easy to think the “influence scores” generated by one-click endorsement (Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and others) services might provide real insight…   

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If Career Services is from Mars, Are Students from Venus?

Career Services

I recently read “Roadmap for Transforming the College-to-Career Experience” – a refreshing and incredibly insightful look into many of the shortcomings of current college career services models.

The Editor argues that career services models offered by most colleges don’t address the realities of today’s working world and students. So what does the future look like for college-to-career? It’s a good question, but if you imagine college-to-career transition as a seamless and low-friction extension of a gamified curriculum you’re probably not too far off.

What do you think the future of college-to-career looks like?   

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5 Ways to Prospect Your Way Into Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

Prospect for Jobs

Like gold prospectors, job seekers need to plan, research, work very hard and take some calculated risks to find the big payoff.

Securing a job from a job board is nearly impossible, and shouldn’t be your only option. And the hidden job market isn’t so hidden anymore. Job seekers, then, need to focus on looking for jobs that don’t yet exist yet,    

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Conventional Thinking Kills: 7 Ways to Stand Out in Your Job Search

Conventional Thinking

A friend of mine recently lost her job. During her job search she became increasingly frustrated with job boards and asked me for suggestions on how to differentiate herself from the competition.

With differentiation in mind, here are 7 (well, 7½) unconventional approaches to job search that will help you stand out from the job seeking masses…   

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