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The 5 Extra-Curriculars Recruiters Want to See on Your Resume

College Experiences for Your Resume

Think your good grades and that degree are all you need to get that first job? Think again.

Today, employers are looking for much more from entry-level candidates. So having extracurricular activities that show you are a well-rounded person who will fit well into their culture are not just a “nice-to-have” – they are expected.   

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10 College Degrees Recruiters Don’t Want to See [Infographic]

Deciding on your college major is not an easy decision – and a bad choice can cause a major delay in getting your career started.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably flipping between three majors that have absolutely no relation to the others. It isn’t hard to figure out what direction I chose, given that I write blog posts… but it was a tough decision – one that took over a year of soul searching and meetings with advisors to figure out.

For a list of majors you might want to avoid that have high unemployment rates, check out this interesting infographic.   

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An Awesome Career Starts on the Ground Floor

Ground floor

While encouraged by parents and teachers to dream big and have high aspirations, it’s good to also have a clear sense of reality when it comes to where you’ll stand in the job market come graduation. DO NOT be discouraged if you fall on the lower side of the employee chain.

Here’s why the ground floor is a great place to start your career.   

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Watch Your Language: “I” Versus “We” in Job Interviews

Bad words

In your next job interview: watch your language.

I’m not referring to the swear words your parents scolded you for as a kid (although there’s absolutely NO room for them in job interviews, either).

The language I’m referring to is “I” and “My” statements instead of the word “We.” Many students and friends are coming to me to practice their interview skills. And their use of language when talking about their job responsibilities (no matter how impressive) isn’t working in their favor. Here’s why…   

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Find “Common Ground” to Network Like a Natural


Recently, I had an enlightening conversation with a couple who discussed the difference between forced networking and sincere networking.

For a recent grad, who has been told multiple times how vital it is to expand my professional network, coming to the realization that there is a difference between good and bad networking has changed my approach to the subject completely.   

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4 Questions to Consider Before Screaming “I Quit!”

Leaving a job is never easy. Maybe you’re not feeling challenged. Or, your boss is a tyrant and it’s time to go!

You may have envisaged a scene where you go all Jerry Maguire, make a big speech about company morals, grab the fish, and make a glorious exit, right?

Save the dramatics. Leaving a job should not be done without thinking it through. Here’s what to consider before making your great escape.   

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