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A 12-Step Guide to Preserving Job Search Self-Confidence

job search self-confidence

Everyone who’s ever looked for work knows: preserving one’s job search self-confidence can be difficult.

To keep your confidence high, follow this 12-step guide to bolster your job search self-confidence…   

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7 Old-School Blunders Even the Most Social Candidates Make

old-school blunders

Before bringing in job applicants for in-person interviews, the candidates’ professional credentials and, in many cases, their online presence are well-screened by the HR department. Sometimes, only the most “social” (clean profiles, solid content, social proof of skills, etc.) make the cut. Once in the interview, though, the wild card for ultimately receiving an offer is often which applicant displays a different kind of social skills. Specifically, the old-school kind. A 2015 study found most old-school social blunders during interviews result from thoughtlessness or poor interpersonal skills — and those blunders often become deal breakers. Interviewees who can’t make conversation,   

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5 Ways to Recapture Your Job Interview Mojo


Getting laid off is a devastating experience, even when you see it coming. You may be reeling from the blow, and worried that you’ve lost some of your job-snagging mojo.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve interviewed for a job, take note of these ways to get you back in the game…   

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