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How to Sell Yourself to Employers Like a TV Pitchman

sales pitch

Think about how you market (pitch) yourself to them through your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking, and interviewing activities. This is especially true when you’re looking to reinvent yourself in a new career and make a big transition. Knowing and speaking the language of your target audience (employers and recruiters) is critical to being able to powerfully distinguish yourself from others and stand out in a sea of candidates.   

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Will Your Resume Pass The Red Velvet Rope Test?


If your job applications are constantly falling into the resume black hole time and time again… then it’s time to get REAL, get serious and do something about it… now.

Because unless you want to be sitting in the exact same spot 3, 6 or 12 months from now you know you need to try something different than you’ve been trying the last 3, 6 or 12 months. Because what you’re currently doing, or not doing, is not working…   

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Alone on LinkedIn? Chances are Pretty Good Your Profile Stinks


You finally decide to set up a LinkedIn account. You jump in, quickly fill out a few sections of your profile. Maybe you search for a few of your friends and send them Connection Requests.

And then you sit back for a moment and glance at the remaining jumble of menu options on your screen, thinking, “I don’t know what the HELL to do with the rest of this!”   

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Don’t be an “In-diot”: 3 Ways to Kill Your Credibility on LinkedIn

Killing Credibility on LinkedIn

“Oh, look… another idiot on LinkedIn… Next!”

This is the LAST thing you want a recruiter, headhunter or potential connection to think when the find you on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s crucial to present a connection-worthy first impression on this powerful portal – not only in your profile pic, headline and summary, but also – and perhaps more importantly – your activity and interactions with others.

In other words, don’t look like a LinkedIn idiot – or “In-diot”…   

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