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Avoid These 12 Classic (and Costly) Job Interview Mistakes

Dumb Job Interview Mistakes

So much work just to get the job interview, let alone the job. The research, the resume writing, the applications, the networking, the follow-up…

And then some job seekers throw it all away by making these common, and completely avoidable, mistakes…   

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Can Hope Become a Replacement for Action?


“Hope” is a feeling of expectation and desire for events to happen. “Hope” is a heart-warming mantra for spectators of the world. It is my belief that “hope”–this blinding euphemism–keeps people from succeeding more than anything else.

I don’t hope anything for anyone … including myself. I even try to remove it from everyday speech.

“Hope” sucks.

In fact, I detest it. And you should, too.   

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8 Hacks for Your Internship (And an Awesome Experience)


Internships are no longer optional… in today’s entry-level job market, they are de facto necessity to get your resume even reviewed by a hiring manager.

No matter what you’ve done to this point, there’s a chance to improve, and there’s a chance to turn negative opinions into positive ones — and positive opinions into even more positive ones. And the right kind of internship makes all that happen. So, listen up. Here are 8 internship “hacks” …basically, a cheat sheet to an awesome internship…   

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10 Thoughts on Conquering Chaos, Change and Conflict

Inner Turmoil

As my final year in school began, I found myself busier than ever. My stress levels were beating me up, daily.

As I worked toward finding a healthy balance in my life, I put together 10 coping thoughts that helped me. Perhaps they will also enable you to conquer the coming chaos, conflict and change you’ll soon face…   

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What is Your Formula for Achieving Career Goals?

Achieve Greatness

Here’s what I’ve learned: “Someday” isn’t a day. “Someday” is some arbitrary time in the future. “Someday” is an excuse that precludes action in the present. “Someday” won’t happen until you’ve given yourself permission.

You have to stop waiting for someone to grant you the authority. It’s time to rewrite the formula…   

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Connecting Made Easy: 5 Steps to Improve Your Networking


For some time, our team was shocked about the lack of networking among students and young professionals…

We asked: “Why are we neglecting our networks when we should be focusing on building them the most?” Well, the answer was staring us right in the face…   

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