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The 5 Secrets to Early Career Success

5 Secrets to Early Career Success

The primary advantage of having a mentor and listening to solid career advice: the head start it gives your career

Through these mentors, and their been-there-done-that advice, you have the opportunity to skip the mistakes others have made – and to quickly learn the secrets of success – while your competition continues to struggle…   

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6 Crazy-Simple Steps to an Action-Oriented Cover Letter

Got the Interview

For many job seekers, the cover letter is often mistaken to be secondary to the resume. You spend more time crafting your resume than your cover letter. In fact, you should spend equivalent or more time on your cover letter than your resume. The cover letter is your pitch to get through the hiring manager’s door.

Understand that the intent of a cover letter is to instigate the action of setting up a face to face interview. Cover letters that instigate action are known as “Action-Oriented” cover letters.

Below are some tips to create an “Action-Oriented” cover letter:   

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Before Saying Yes: 5 Tips to Uncover a Company’s Culture

company culture

When it comes time to finding a career in today’s economic climate, it is all too easy for employees to leap at the first offer they receive.

As common as this situation may be, countless millions have spent weeks, months, or even years in their current job and have yet to pick up on the signs that the company culture is not the right fit for them.

Here are five tips to help you uncover a company’s culture, before saying yes…   

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Home Schooled: Online Courses for Re-energizing Your Job Skills

Online Courses

Just a decade ago, online learning was viewed as a second-rate form of education. Today, this technology-based learning method has become more prominent for students and young working professionals. In fact, it’s increasingly seen as the more preferred method of study, for students seeking online college business degrees or young professionals looking to re-energize their career.

So let’s look at how online courses can play a part in lifting up a young professional’s knowledge base and expanding their career and hiring opportunities.   

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Do’s and Don’ts to Make Recruiters Notice Your Resume

Hire Me Resume

Many job seekers are confident about their resume; however, most make huge resume mistakes.

Often you will find that with the right resume you could have the job long before you see an interviewer. The actual meeting could end up being solely a formality.

Here are some tips to help get you on your way…   

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Job Search 101: The Top 5 Social Sites for Young Careerists

Social Media Job Search

If you’re just getting started building a personal brand and haven’t yet jumped into social media, or if you’re not yet using social media in your job search, it is time to get started.

Right now.

Because now, more than ever, recruiters rely on social media to round out and expedite their candidate search…   

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