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A 10-Step Recruiting Process: Where Do You Fall Out?

10 Step Recruiting Process

As a recruiter and mentor, I get dozens of applications for every opening; I have to find a way to thin the piles down to a reasonable size – and select those who deserve a shot.

So before you tell everyone you’ve found your dream job and have applied, let me describe the ten steps I use to determine if you may be selected as the 1-in-100 “winner” of this competition…   

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A Job Seeker Fairy Tale, In a Land Called Google…

Once upon a time, not very long ago, there was a Mentee who was very sad. “Why?” she cried. “Oh, why can I not find a job?” The Mentee had done everything right: she had constructed a modular resume; displayed her achievements to meet the requirements of the job posting; had written cover letters tailored to the applied-for positions; she dressed professionally, spoke clearly and ate neither garlic nor spinach before an interview. At her wit’s end she called up her Mentor:  “Mentor, Mentor on the phone, pray tell me what I’m doing wrong.” “You mean, other than a weak   

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Would You Wear a Purple Feather Boa to a Job Interview?

You know that you are a unique individual and a highly-qualified job seeker (just like everyone else), but how do you let the world know? Sure, you *could* show up for an interview wearing brown fishing waders, a bright orange sarong and a purple feather boa… people would certainly remember you. Ultimately, though, you’d like to be remembered for other things – skills, drive, creativity, etc. So… take a few minutes and identify what makes you unique – jot down a list of your strengths, your skills, your talents. Having trouble creating your list? Ask those around you – friends,   

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