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Job Search Strategy: Do Not Feed the Octopus

A great metaphor for two different job search strategies. Which is the better type of job seeker to be: the person who tries to develop and a wide variety of skills (the octopus)? Or someone who has a far more narrow focus but has great knowledge in those few skills (the elephant)? Which one are you?   

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10 Signs You Are Being Lazy on Linkedin

You likely know by now that Linkedin is a powerful networking tool. Whether you’re currently a job or internship seeker, or building your early career, are you taking advantage of the tools Linkedin offers you to meet peers and connect with colleagues? Or are you lazy…?   

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Confidence is King: One Day in a Job Search

At its worst, a job search can be long and frustrating. But just a little inspiration is sometimes all we need to get our confidence back and keep working toward that new job goal! On that note… a light Friday post to inspire and re-invigorate internship and job seekers out there. Enjoy!   

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