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The Top 10 Reasons People Will Follow You on Twitter

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For the young job seeker, Twitter is a great a place to build awareness of your personal brand, get to know target companies and introduce yourself to recruiters who might find you interesting.

Yet less than half of all Gen Y job seekers are active on Twitter.

Let’s change that… and get you on your way to building genuine influence and getting more people to follow your job or internship search. But how? Why will others take an interest in you, and your career goals?    

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3 Proven Tips to Help You Build Job Search Momentum


You may be familiar with the snowball effect. Or the expression about rolling stones gathering no moss.

We all know the value of building momentum in business.

But what does it look like in a job search? And how do you build it?

If you would you like to create five little snowballs or get a few stones rolling, read these ideas below:   

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How Well Do You Know Your Own Resume?

How Well Can You Speak to Your Resume

Whether you write your own or have your resume written professionally, one thing remains true: You have to be able to speak to what is on your resume! You be able to bring it (and your value) to life.

Why? Because many interviewers do what I call “resume interviews”. They base nearly every question to you off of something they see on your resume…   

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These 7 Steps Turn Twitter into a Powerful Job Search Tool

Twitter Job Search

When I talk with job seekers about Twitter, I often get a curious look. I try walking them through my process for building their personal network or connecting with potential new employer, but that doesn’t seem to work. Twitter is often one of those things people don’t get until they dig in… and try it for themselves.

Here’s the seven steps I share with them, so when they do try Twitter they see the value to their personal brand and network… and understand how Twitter can be a powerful job search tool…   

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How to Start, Maintain and End a Networking Conversation


For some time, career networking has been something I do on a subconscious level. No thinking, I just do it. It has become second nature. But let’s face it: this is a great question that many struggle with heading into a career networking event.

So now I’m here to answer the question! In full detail, for the world to evaluate and comment on. Let’s dig in…   

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The Pompous Interviewer: A Quick Daydream for Job Seekers

We’ve all been there (and likely will be again). Faced with the “pompous interviewer” – someone who feels taking time for our interview is almost too big an inconvenience. Well, many job seekers have had this daydream… that the tables were turned. Enjoy!   

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