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This is How a REALLY Honest Resume Would Read


Let’s be honest: only a very small percentage of resumes accurately depict someone’s full career and life experience. Everyone has little bits to hide. And, in some cases, a lot to embellish.

Some of that embellishment is tolerated, even accepted as normal. After all, a resume is a marketing document – not an oath…   

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10 Ways to Engage Your Personal Network During a Job Search

Business Success Formula

Quite some time ago, on my marketing blog called Fix, Build And Drive, I shared the math equation you see to the right. I referred to it as the “formula for growing, and leveraging, a professional network.”

Contributed by some of my favorite guest bloggers, here are 12 powerful ways to engage your personal network during a job search – so that they will engage (or re-engage) with you, and start helping…   

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5 Ways to Build Strong Networking Karma

Networking Karma

Hiding in the shadows can be a compelling image. It suggests a cunning and opportunistic position. Ready to strike.

Rambo did it in First Blood. His eyes darting left and right out of the rain-drenched mud   

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Job Seeker Lessons Learned: What Would You Do Different Next Time?

Do over

The other day I had a fun conversation with a friend who had just landed a great job. But our conversations prior hadn’t always been fun.

You see, he was pretty typical of many job seekers. His job search had taken quite a while. In fact, he had no idea how hard it would be to find a job. To him, it seemed like a lifetime.

So I asked him: “If you could start your job search all over again, what would you do differently?” Here are his two answers:   

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Hiring Managers Don’t Decide Who Gets Hired… You Do


If you’re thinking you need something to get you out of a rut during a long job search…the point of this post may be what you need.

If you’re waiting for someone to decide that the job is yours. If you’re waiting for a hiring manager to anoint you as the chosen one. If you’re waiting for someone to recognize all the greatness in you.

If you are, then you’re in trouble. “It’s not up to them (the hiring manager) to decide. It’s up to us.”   

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A Follow on Twitter Isn’t “Social” or “Networking” …Talk to Me!

Talk on Twitter

As I’ve written before about why people follow on Twitter, the primary reason (assuming you are not Ashton Kutcher or Justin Bieber) is… relevance. Something in your bio that leads others to believe you have, or can have, a virtual kinship.

So we follow. Regardless of our goals. Or how far along we are in job search or how close we are to accomplishing our goals. We follow.

But then what?   

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