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Prepare Now! Career Advice from a Recent Graduate

Looking back at when I started college, I wish I had known then what I know today about my job search – and what would be required of me.

Back then, I figured once I get out of school, I’d have a degree – and employers would throw themselves at me and my new-found skills. Unfortunately, the recession happened, and the veterans in the job world were taking all the entry-level jobs I had my eyes on.

Here I was, happy about graduating, but depressed about not finding a job…   

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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

What’s keeping you from getting interviews? Is it your resume?

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts – and greatly increase your chance to secure your dream job, or dynamic internship:   

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Five Reasons to Secure an Internship Right Now (While Attending School)

Internships used to be a “nice to have” aspect of career development.

However, in an ultra-competitive job market, they’ve become nearly mandatory. In fact, 90% of direct-from-college hires now go to those with internship experience. The more internships you have on your resume, the more employable you become.

So why wait for summer? Or until you graduate? Get started – and find your passion – now!   

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Understanding Millennials: Three Blogs that Demystify Gen Y

The bashing continues.

Yesterday while traveling to Washington DC I read yet another blog bashing members of Gen Y. No work ethic, self-absorbed, needy and – my personal favorite – “entitled”. And yes, there were the obligatory comments about skin art and piercings.

I’m not sure why Boomers (and even Gen X) feel the need to openly bash Gen Y. Maybe this falls into the “we fear what we don’t understand” category?   

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Gen Y Journey: Achieving Career Goals by Leveraging Your Resources

We hear the word “leverage” often; especially in tight economies.

What does it mean to leverage? What should I be leveraging?

Being out of college for a year now, working in an entry level position, constantly working to build this blog and the ideas behind it and facing the harsh realities of living in the “real world,” I’ve quickly learned what it means to leverage.

For me, it means identifying my resources and utilizing them to their fullest potential…   

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5 Reasons Why You Might Consider Unpaid Internships

It’s a fact of life, perhaps a rite of passage.

When you’re in college or just starting your career, you don’t have a lot of money – I’ve been there, and owe McDonald’s a huge debt of gratitude for its $1 Menu. However, you still have bills to pay, books to buy… and late night pizzas aren’t free!

So, in that situation, if you’re going to spend your time and devote your soul to working at an internship, it had damn well better pay you for the effort… right?   

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