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Creative Resumes: A Way to Stand Out or Just a Stunt?


In today’s job market, employers are flooded with resumes for each available job. People are unemployed or underemployed and are competing hard for each job. Candidates are doing their best to make their resumes stand out as the best candidate for the role.

But even a nicely formatted resume might not be enough to catch the recruiter’s attention. Some savvy candidates recognize this and construct creative resumes to really set them apart. But are these creative resumes helping or hurting them?   

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Personal Networking: 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Wait

Personal Networking

On Twitter this week, a message from Susan Avello (@susanavello) really stuck with me this week: “Build your network before you need it.”

That simple sentence inspired today’s blog. For job seekers and young careerists, the message is simple: life and business change fast, you need to always be one step ahead…   

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7 Steps to a Job Interview Strategy That Gets You Hired

Job Interview Strategy

Job interviews are the bane of many job seekers’ existence, causing stress, anxiety, and frustration. It’s the part of the job search we try hardest to prepare for… and yet it seems we often come up short.

Through my experience as a job seeker and then as a recruiter, I can say there’s no magic formula to become an expert interviewer. However, I soon found ways that have helped me (and now the candidates I’ve interviewed and coached) be more successful during this portion of their job search…   

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8 Steps to Becoming a Rock Star Job Seeker


The job search is tough, I know. On plenty of days, I want to throw my laptop out the window from pure frustration. However, I’ve learned to pull it together during the toughest times as I vowed that “I will beat this job search!”

Having this can-do attitude has helped me tremendously, so I would love to help you get to this point, as well…   

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Get Your Resume Read: Formatting Tips to Beat ATS

Get Your Resume Read

Recruiters are increasingly using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Talent Acquisition Systems (TAS) to help manage the overwhelming amount of resumes they receive. (Among job seekers, these tools are sometimes called the “resume black hole”).

Although this technology is a phenomenal help to recruiters, these tools sometimes accidentally weed out candidates who are qualified for the job opening.

Often, this accidental screening-out of otherwise qualified resumes is simply caused by resume formatting that isn’t compatible with the ATS and TAS software.

After speaking with a few IT professionals and recruiters, I compiled some tips on how to format your resume for the ATS:   

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What You Don’t Know About Recruiters Can Hurt Your Job Search

Did Not Know

Recently, a friend forwarded me a snarky blog post written by an individual giving technical recruiters “tips” on how not to be hated by technical candidates.

I get it… technical candidates are contacted multiple times a day by recruiters and sometimes with job openings that aren’t relevant to their skill-set. After a while, I would be annoyed, too…   

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