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Winning the Job Interview: Are You Ready to Role Play?


Hiring the wrong candidate remains one of the most expensive mistake a company can make.

Knowing that most employable candidates have prepared to answer the most common interview questions, many employers use behavioral questions, role playing or mock scenarios during the interview process to determine a candidate’s true potential…   

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Accelerate Your Job Search with Twitter (The Other Professional Network)

Accelerate Twitter

Many job seekers are aware by now that LinkedIn is highly beneficial to your job search. However, they often overlook the “other professional network”… Twitter.

To really get your job search going, here are some best practices that will help you take full advantage of Twitter…   

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5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Start to Your Career

Career Start

Joining a corporate office for the first time is often intimidating. You may be regarded as the “new kid” for months (or until another new employee is hired).

This is no reason to lose your confidence, however. Your employer hired you because they felt you would add value to the company – and you will!   

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How to Answer the 8 Toughest Job Interview Questions Ever

Toughest Job Interview Questions

Being well-prepared for your job interview will boost your confidence… and lower your anxiety.

What is the single best way to prepare for any interview?

Draft answers to the most common interview questions. Although every interviewer is different and questions vary by industry, there are some questions you’ll likely encounter in most every job interview…   

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Back to Basics: What Goes Into a Great Cover Letter?

Cover Letter

For most job seekers, cover letters seem to be the bane of their existence; they hate writing a cover letter even more than their resume. When job seekers ask if they really need to send a cover letter, I have a short answer for them: “Only if you really want the job.”

Here’s a simple formula for writing an effective cover letter that will entice recruiters to want to get to know you more…   

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