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A 6-Point Quiz: Are You a Millennial Too?

I Am a Millennial

Are you a Millennial like me? Or maybe you think you’re too old. Read on: the answer may surprise you!

I’ve been working a lot with a remarkable client lately, the first fully launched startup here in Naples, Florida. is a fairly typical tech startup in that very little about it is typical at all – like every idea turned into reality, the founding crew has no interest in business as usual, “best practices,” or knowing what can’t be done… because they’re too busy doing it!   

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3 Old-School Career Myths Exposed (Do You Really Want a Job?)

job myths

If you’re reading this post on YouTern, there’s a more than an even chance you’re ambitious. If you weren’t, you’d probably spend your time on instead. Since you’re here, you’re eager for useful advice on building your career. First stop: awesome, resume-building internships. Next up: the coolest, resume-building job you can land. Here’s the thing, though – and I hope this doesn’t freak you out too much… You may want to rethink that whole plan. You may not want a real job after all; you may not even want to build your resume. A caveat: I’m the last person   

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In 5 Simple Steps: How to Become Fascinating!

How to Be Fascinating

I have an what may seem to be an unusual hobby: I collect fascinating people. I’ve done this my whole life. Since my first tweet in 2009, though, social has been like kerosene poured on the flame of this great hobby of mine.

Along the way, I’ve picked up a thing or two about how certain people become so fascinating, and so worth knowing. From my experience, here are five things that come quickly to mind about how anyone can be fascinating!   

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Do You Bring Your Soul to Work?


his may sound strange: from time to time, even accomplished professionals need “permission”.

I spend my day speaking to leaders of all stripes. Huge organizations and small; C-suite, middle management and early careerists; for profit and nonprofit… this is what I do. And one thing comes up again and again: “I’m one person at home, another at work.”   

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Career Happiness? First, Discover Your “My Three Things”


I am the original crash-test dummy of careers. Waiter, CEO (three times now), nonprofit leader, salesman; teacher… My adult life has been rife not just with different jobs, but different careers. As long as I’m getting “my Three Things,” though, these various careers make sense – at least to me. Here are the three bedrock things I need to be happy in my work…   

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Boost Your Skill Set: Become a Student of Social Media


I frequently field this question: “How did you become a social media expert?”

The very notion still makes me a bit uncomfortable – I guess I’m not completely over my Delusions of Mediocrity yet. I often have to stifle a retort such as, “I tweet a lot,” because that isn’t really helpful or all that respectful of the asker.

So in this post, let me share some no-nonsense insight into how I think I became rated Top 10 by Forbes for my social influence, and how I’ve gathered much of my expertise and reputation in this field.

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