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Labor Day: A Visual Guide to an American Holiday [Infographic]

labor day

In the hoopla of all the family and cultural traditions surrounding Labor day, we sometimes forget: it is supposed to be a day to reflect on the legacy of the American Worker.

This infographic by serves as a primer to help bring Labor Day into perspective…   

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Embracing Change: How to Adopt a ‘Do It Different’ Mindset

Do different

Especially during times of transition, most of us become creatures of habit. While there is a vast body of research that explains why we tend to establish fixed routines and form firm opinions and default behaviors, brain science experts also underscore the need for us to switch things up on occasion:

“It’s easy to get comfortable with your usual way of behavior…But research shows that people who embrace change – not run from it – are happiest.”   

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12 Pervasive Myths About Millennials (and How to Beat Them)


As Millennials become the majority generation in the workforce, perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper, learn more about members of Gen Y as individuals, and bury – once and for all – the over-hyped stereotypes.

To help take us that direction, our sister site, Switch and Shift, asked members of YEC which Millennial myth has created the biggest obstacles for them, and how to beat those barriers…   

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On Overcoming a Crappy Workplace: Hope Versus Action

crappy work environment

Imagine you’re sitting in your cube, staring out the window. You think to yourself, “I hate this place. It adds nothing of importance to my life.”

Now imagine saying this and believing it will never change. Should you stay in your current job? Or is it better to look for a new gig?

Of course we all would say we’d leave. Right? Truth is, however, too many of us tolerate a miserable workplace longer than we’d care to admit.

There’s a bright spot hidden in this bleak, all-too-common workplace “suckiness” epidemic.    

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