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Resume Clutter: How to Cut the Non-Essentials and Silence the Noise

resume clutter

Turning down the spigot of the information pouring into my life got me thinking about other aspects of our lives where turning down the noise would be beneficial.

Then it hit me. The same principle applies to your resume…   

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Career Choices: Follow the Right Road to the Work You Love

career choices

Work doesn’t necessarily have to feel like work, especially if you’re involved in something that you enjoy doing for a living. Your career choice is a major decision that will inevitably impact the direction of your life in a positive or negative way.

It all depends on you choosing a job that fits your needs and interests…   

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4 Ways Job Seekers Use the Job Description to Their Advantage

job description

A job description offers a wealth of information to the savvy job hunter. On the surface each one gives the obvious: a general run-down of the job along with the required skills and education. However, if you read a little closer you can often find more.   

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Beware the Padded Resume: 3 Post-College Job Search Errors

padded resume

When you’re looking for a job after college, you go into panic mode.

You may even consider submitting a padded resume as a way to seem more qualified…   

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Weird Job Interview Questions and What They Actually Mean

weird job interview questions

Interviewers often ask weird interview questions to ascertain a candidate’s abilities and personality. In fact, it’s because of their obscure nature that these questions force you to think on your feet. That’s why weird interview questions are becoming increasingly common in job interviews. When it comes to odd questions, here are five that really take the cake and what they actually mean.

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10 Tips Every Job Seeker Needs to Hear


Research shows the average worker is going to spend less than 3 years in each job — which means you’ll need to find a dozen or more jobs over the course of your career.

So isn’t it a good idea to learn how to job search right? In order to become an expert at finding work, here are 10 things every job seeker needs to hear…   

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