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8 Networking Tips for Today’s Workplace Newbies and Newpreneurs

networking tips for those sailing unchartered waters

In your professional career, how important is networking? How do you approach networking, which is perhaps more are than science?

Would some proven networking tips help?   

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3 Ways Recent Graduates Can Prepare for the Global Job Market

global job market

In many ways, academia has failed to keep up with a fast-paced global job market.

But, by focusing on three areas of development, recent graduates can get ahead and better prepare for the world of work…


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Game On Job Seekers! How to Level Up Your Interviewing Skills

interviewing skills

Having interviewed hundreds of people for positions ranging from developers to sales reps, there are some interesting patterns that emerge. The better the candidate, the more complex the patterns. Almost like levels in a video game.

For the best chance of success, you need to level up your interviewing skills…   

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