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11 Easy Ways to Increase Happiness at Work

Happy at Work

How do we stay happy at work? What is the key to making each day fulfilling, and going home feeling good about our work… and ourselves?

For advice on how to deliberately create a happy climate at work, we asked this question: “What is one simple practice I can adopt to be happier at work?”   

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How to Network Like an Optimist Even When Between Gigs


Making a positive impression at networking events is all about how you position yourself – even when your current position isn’t exactly where you thought you’d be.

But while in between gigs, how do you go about maintaining an optimistic persona… especially when you’re asked the No. 1 question at networking events: “What do you do?”   

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What Would You Do With 20 More Hours per Week?

Get More Done

By now, it’s become commonly accepted that multitasking is bad. However, there are several opportunities throughout the day during where “double-tasking” can be your the best friend of a young professional.

By grouping the activities below together, I routinely add up to four hours of productivity to my day…   

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Startup Job Interview? Here’s 6 Questions You Must Ask

Stand out

Have a job interview coming up at a start-up? Not sure how that interview differs from a well-established company? After hiring for my own startups, I’ve learned a lot about what hiring managers look for in a startup setting. And here’s the secret: Interviewing for a startup is as much about making sure you want to work there as making them want you on board. These six questions will not only help you stand out from other candidates – they’ll help you decide if that startup is the right fit for you: “What are the first projects that I will   

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6 Not-so-Obvious Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

As we work toward building a better version of us in 2015, one issue seems to come up over and over again: the fear of failure. So we asked our friends at the Young Entrepreneur Council this question:

What’s your best tip for overcoming the fear of failure?   

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5 Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want Job Seekers to Know


Companies like that I coach job seekers, and job seekers like that I consult with employers.

Having a foot in both worlds means I don’t forget what it’s like on both sides of the aisle. It’s like recruiting bi-partisanship. But every once in awhile, I take sides.

This is one of those times. Job seekers, this is for you.   

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