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5 Reasons to Spend Much More Time on Your LinkedIn Headline

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Your LinkedIn headline (that blurb of text right under your name) has always been a key component of your LinkedIn profile.

But in a job market that continues to be ultra-competitive, it’s more important now than ever before. Let’s explore why…   

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6 Reasons Volunteering is Great for Your Job Search


Struggling to accrue the necessary experience to find a good job? Getting beat up by a long job search?

If you are a new grad with little actual work experience, or a job seeker looking for your next position, here are the reasons that you must consider volunteering…   

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Stacy Zapar’s Top 10 Tips for Job Seekers

Job Seeker Super Hero

You’re competing with a lot of great talent, avoiding the recruiting black hole, and wading through all the conflicting advice… some of which gets you all fired up, but doesn’t actually tell you how to get the interview!

I’ve been recruiting for 15+ years and know a thing or two about the job search / recruiting process and am happy to provide some clarity about what works and what doesn’t. So, here’s what I know works, right now, regardless of the economy…   

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7 Proven Ways to Quickly Expand Your LinkedIn Network

Quickly Expand Your LinkedIn Network

If your business needs are like mine in that you need a wide network with robust search results, here’s my advice for growing your LinkedIn network. You can use these tips to become an open networker or scale it back a bit to simply grow your network in a more targeted way. It worked for me and I’m confident it will work for you!   

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The 5 Things Job Seekers MUST Know About LinkedIn

5 Things to Know About LinkedIn

You’ve created your LinkedIn profile, crafted a compelling headline and updated all of your past experience and education… so you’re all set to go. Recruiters will just start magically calling, right? Wrong.

If you wait around for recruiters to find you – and don’t actually DO something with your LinkedIn account – then you’re missing out. And before you do that… before you set out to land that dream job… there are five things you MUST know about LinkedIn…   

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Oops! What NOT to Do While Networking on LinkedIn

I am forever grateful to my LinkedIn network and love doing whatever I can to help my connections in their networking efforts. I enjoy being a piece in the puzzle as they network to find employment, grow their businesses, hire talent, share best practices, ask questions, learn, knowledge share, reconnect with former coworkers, etc.  With a large network, that’s a lot of effort and a big time investment, but it’s all worth it and I love to pay it forward.  What goes around comes around. And my wonderful network has helped me in more ways than I can count. That   

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