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The Evolution of Job Interviews [Infographic]

Evolution of the Job Interview

Long gone are the days of relying on references and canned questions to evaluate job candidates.

Today’s interview process has evolved to include pre-screening candidates online, using social media to determine personality traits, and methods for testing candidates’ knowledge and skills. And who really knows what tomorrow will bring?   

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Presidential Tips to Get “Elected” to your Dream Job [Infographic]

Now that the debates are over, the presidential campaigns are headed into the home stretch; the candidates are doing everything they can to get “hired” by the American people.

As they campaign for their own dream jobs, job seekers can learn a lot from the campaigns run by both candidates – as shown in this terrific infographic from our buddies at Spark Hire…   

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Get Ready for a Rise in Video Job Interviews [Infographic]

video interviews

For the average job posting, recruiters often receive hundreds of applications. Reviewing resumes, contacting applicants, scheduling interviews to fit both the recruiter’s and candidate’s schedule… recruiting is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Recruiters are looking for ways to make the process more efficient. Enter… the video job interview. This infographic details how more employers are turning to online video interview technology in their hiring processes. For candidates, and especially for employers, video interviews can make interviewing more efficient and less costly than in-person interviews.

Both candidates and employers should get ready for the rise in video job interviews.   

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