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There Are So Many Job Seekers… Why Is It So Hard To Hire? [Infographic]


Contrary to the doom and gloom still shown on the evening news, there are jobs available.  In some cases, many jobs. Good jobs. Many of these positions, however, remain open for extended periods of time… despite receiving many applicants. Why is it seemingly so hard for employers to find and hire good candidates? According to this infographic from our friends at SmartRecruiters, it seems that both candidates and employers share fault. For instance: 52% of employers state they can’t find candidates that are the right fit 47% of candidates found employers’ application processes too cumbersome to pursue Take a look at   

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It’s Easy to Maximize Your Internship Experience: 7 Top Tips

Congratulations! You just landed an awesome internship and are stoked to start working. You want to make sure you put your best foot forward and really wow your boss and coworkers.

How do you maximize this opportunity?

Here are seven simple steps to make your experience worthwhile for both you, and your new company:   

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