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10 Signs You’ve Finally Found Your Dream Job

Dream Job

Many dream of landing the perfect job. But do we really know what that means?

Is it a specific company? The size of the company, or the location? Successful work-life integration? Four-day work weeks? Maybe a casual dress-code and Friday happy hours?

Surprisingly enough, ultimately our vision of a “dream job” has little or nothing to do with those things. Instead, for many successful careerists, it comes down to one thing: doing meaningful work.   

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Gen Y: Here’s 7 Ways to Make Sure Your Great Work Gets Noticed


Too many older coworkers rely on stereotypes of you and your generation. Many see you as a threat to the bedrock on which their careers were fashioned. Unfortunately, that too often creates a barrier for you to get noticed for the work you do.

Fair? Nope. It is, however, what many of us who have gone through before you; we’ve all had barriers of one kind or another to endure. Admittedly, you have some tall walls to scale…

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Work That Matters: Critical Career Insights for Millennials [Podcast]

Work That Matters Podcast

Most of us do our jobs because they have no other choice. “The ultimate for everybody is finding a way to be really happy and get something out of the job,” says author Robert Dilenschneider.

Millennials are not satisfied with rote work void of meaning and purpose. They want what Dilenschneider advocates…   

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4 Essential Skills for Millennial Leaders

Millennial Leadership

Leaders are in any position – one with given authority or one with influence. Every employee has one or both. This post’s message, however, is written for the Millennial manager who embraces the role of leader.

Millennial leaders are uniquely positioned to show us Gen Xers, Boomers, and even a smattering of employees from the Silent Generation how work gets done in the 21st century.

We just need more Millennials to step up and claim their rightful place as manager leaders.   

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