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Pick Up the Damn Phone! Why We Must Get Back to Conversation

Pick up the phone

Picking up the phone is a slowly dying practice.

It’s scary that so many, especially among us Millennials, are dead-set against dialing up coworkers or taking calls, seemingly to avoid personal – human – interaction.

Does anyone remember a time when the only thing you could do with a phone… was communicate?   

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Before Moving On: Strategies for Strengthening Your Network


There comes a time for most every employee when, like rocker Tom Petty, we decide it’s “Time to Move On.”

From the moment you give notice of your departure until your last day at that job, there’s an opportunity for the taking: the chance to significantly build your personal network with existing colleagues…   

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Lessons from Shrek: Why Job Seekers Should Act Like Ogres

The employer of your dreams has responded to your application and a representative from HR wants to schedule a phone interview with you.


Of course you’d like to schedule a call… but before you do, stop to think, before you pick up the phone, about how much information you want to share with the recruiter. To get in the right mindset, think like an ogre. Think, like Shrek!   

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Every Business Meeting is a Stage – Play Your Important Part

Any work-related meeting is both an obligation and an opportunity, especially for a fresh face who wants to be noticed.

There are two ends of the meeting spectrum. One is more casual and encourages employee participation at all levels. The other is a more formal atmosphere where decisions are made from the top down. One critical aspect of meetings, underestimated by many, is that each is a public speaking opportunity – even if what you have to say is brief.

Every business meeting is a performance – no matter how big, or small, the stage. As a performing player, it’s up to you bring your A-game, every time.   

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How to Not Suck at Your First Real Job: Protect Your Reputation

If you’re not in a space where your reputation is not what you want it to be, consider ways to strengthen your skill set – and your environment.

A great lesson to learn now: your professional reputation will follow you… everywhere.

Regardless of what your career becomes, you want to look back on yours and say you developed an excellent reputation. Do all you can, every day, to guide the way in which your coworkers perceive – and portray – you.

Here are some general rules to help you create a sterling professional reputation…   

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