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Resume Do’s and Don’ts… Through a Recruiter’s Eye

In my job as a recruiter I’ve been reviewing resumes of marketing and communications professionals from all over North America. I’ve seen a lot of resumes… good, bad and frankly… just useless.

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about how no one really knows what is supposed to go on a resume. After screening hundreds of applicants in just the last month, I’ve put together some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for your resume – a list of tips to help your resume get past me, the recruiter, to your goal: the hiring manager.   

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Stalking Your Way to a New Job in 3 Easy Steps

Any advertised job you apply for is going to be riddled with competition. Unless you’ve been in the industry for years, have won some kind of award, or have a third arm or some other dramatically memorable feature, it’s going to be difficult to stand out. That is, unless you have an “in” (a contact who is aware of your talents and your job situation). The more “in’s” you have, the better. A lot of jobs won’t be advertised, because they’ll be given to people with “in’s.” So how to you create your in?   

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Students and Career Centers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’ve heard some Career Centers complain that they try to offer services for students, but no one takes advantage. They also complain that students don’t bother with the center until their last year, when they are looking for a job. I’ve heard them attribute it to “laziness and apathy”. My two cents, from the “customer of career centers” point of view: If your entire campus is full of lazy, apathetic students, your view of your “customer” sucks! You might as well just start handing out McDonald’s applications. Or, you can market the services your center offers – and start a positive, word-of-mouth campaign about your value to the students on campus. Here’s how…   

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Ask an Expert Panel About Your Resume: Part 2

Hey everyone! Remember last week when I got other people to write the content for my blog… I mean when I consulted professionals in the field to give you some well-rounded advice on resume-writing? Well go ahead and get excited, because this is part 2 of that panel.

We’ll start by re-introducing the panel:   

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Ask an Expert Panel About Your Resume: Part 1

Remember when I gave you all that super-helpful information on how to write a proper resume? No? That’s because I didn’t really.

What I did tell you was that the personal taste of the hiring manager and the culture of the organization are huge factors to consider when it comes to resume content. There may be some best practices, but for the most part it’s a very subjective topic. I also encouraged you to get advice and feedback from others.

Just in case you were waiting for me to do it for you….I did!   

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Protect Your Career From Your Personal Life

Remember a couple of months ago when the online subject du jour was discussing whether it was a good idea to use Social Networking to find job applicants? Some of us were a little gun-shy. These online profiles have pictures, and information about age, political affiliations, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and all of the other things recruiters/employers aren’t supposed to know.

Then, as HR got its feet wet, it got braver.   

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