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Really Good References Get You Hired: Have You Chosen Wisely?


You’ve completed your interview… and can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

It is now time for the interview panel to go to work. They will review their notes from the interview, your work experience, and any testing you’ve completed. References will be checked.

It may seem like this part of your interview process is completely out of your hands, right? Not entirely…   

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Double Check Your References… Before Recruiters Do


As a recruiter, one of the most frustrating, and most important, parts of the recruitment process is checking candidates’ references. This could be a completely painless, easy, and even fun, process.

The problem is candidates rarely seem to understand how this is supposed to work. They don’t think very hard about who they list as references… references who will be speaking to the recruiter on their behalf. It seems people just think that I won’t bother to call the references… even though I tell them I’m going to.

From a recruiter’s perspective, here are some tips to consider when you choose your next professional references.   

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Say My Name: How to Make Recruiters Work for You


There are many misconceptions about recruiters and what they do.

Some see them as magical, job-finding elves, who will solve all their problems. Others consider a recruiter as the bottom feeder of the HR world, who will staff any position for a buck.

Regardless of your opinion… we have all the jobs. You need us…   

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A Personal Marketing Plan for the New Job Search

Having trouble getting called for an interview? It may be you need to make some changes to your job search routine.

The job hunt has changed drastically from what it used to be… and what used to work. In the past, you submitted applications to job postings; then sit home and wait for someone to call you for an interview. This strategy worked, way back when.

Successful job seekers don’t do this anymore.

Here are four steps to build your personal marketing plan… and get far ahead of your job search competition:   

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The Job Search Blues Are Coming; Here’s How to Beat Them

Career experts and pundits often tell you that looking for work is a full time job. Those people are correct.

Like a regular job, during your job search you need a work-life balance. This is actually more important than it is in a regular job because as a candidate, companies need to see you at your best. If you’re too eager, mopey, demotivated or tired… your chances of success decrease. Any sign of a negative disposition is not attractive to any prospective employer.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together one of my famous numbered lists to solve (almost) all your job search problems.   

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Recruiting: Dreadful as Online Dating (Without the Friends or Benefits)

Online Dating

You probably know happy couples who met online. For every happy couple, however, there are 10 horror stories of people showing up 15 years older or 50 pounds heavier than in their picture.

E-recruiting, much like E-dating, has many success stories. The sad part about recruiting, though, is that we don’t get to date the winners very long; as recruiters, we give the best matches to the hiring manager… and then we start searching for “the one” all over again.

Here’s more insight into the recruiting process (and a little advice on how to make it to the second date).   

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