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8 Sure Signs You Aced The Job Interview!

Whew. The job interview is over!

You’re out of the woods. You’ve done your best and now it’s all up to the employers — or the universe, stars, lucks, fate… whatever it is you believe in. Aside from proper follow-up, there’s really not much you can do at this point.

Except worry, or speculate… maybe even self-judge…   

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Size Does Matter: What Company Culture Works Best for You?

Size Does Matter

The age-old question: Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond … or a small fish in a huge sea? The answer, of course, varies from person to person.

Trying to decide where you belong?

We’ve broken down some of the key differences between small and large companies. Ask yourself what is more important to you and what type of environment will bring you workplace happiness.   

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I Need More Direction from My Boss… Help!

Important Career Question

There are many eligible applicants just waiting for a job opening… which means you really can’t afford to do anything but your best work. If that means asking for more direction from your boss, don’t be shy – or else you might just shy away from having a job!

Whether you have an absentee, extremely busy or simply a horrible boss… there are a few tactful ways to yank a little more guidance from your hands-off manager…   

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From Intern to Employee: 9 Terrific Transition Tips

New Job

So… you’re the new  intern? The good news: You’ve got your foot in the door (congratulations!) The bad news: This is the start of a 3-month long interview. In this job market, however, that latter news is actually good. A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 58 percent of employers turned their interns to full-time employees in 2012. So even though a lengthy, months-long interview might sound a little intimidating and tedious, this is great opportunity to prove your worth to the company – and there’s a good chance your hard work will land you   

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Are You a Good or Bad Hire? Nail Your First 90 Days!

First 90 Days

You got the job!

Instead of popping champagne to celebrate your new position, however; you might want to consider focusing that positive energy on making a good first impression!

You’re still in your “interview stage” during the first three months, says Stacey Hawley, Principal at Credo, a career services company…   

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Embrace the Future: Ditch the 8-Hour Workday

8 hour workday

With all due respect to Henry Ford, in today’s information economy the 8-hour workday he pioneered is irrelevant for many workers. The 8-hour shift was great for factory workers then working something like 12 hours a day. Things have changed, however — and a warm body pounding away at a computer for eight hours doesn’t translate into increased productivity. Today, technology can unchain us from the workplace; mobile offices are sprouting up everywhere. Major companies allow telecommuting at least some of the time. For instance, 80 to 90 percent of Cisco and Accenture employees are  regular telecommuters, according to Fortune. Many tech   

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