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When Send Isn’t Your Friend: 5 Awkward Reply-all Blunders

Send is Not Your Friend

There’s nothing like a good, accidental “reply all” blunder to make your stomach sink, heart race and make you curse like a sailor.

If this sounds all too familiar, prepare to feel a little bit better. Sit back, grab some refreshments and browse through these hilarious *whoops*moments!   

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Overworked and Undervalued: What to do When Recognition Never Comes


You’ve been working your fingers to the bone – extra hours, extra work, extra everything.

Everything, that is, except extra recognition and appreciation. It seems no one notices your hard work.

“If you feel that you are doing more than what is expected of you and it isn’t being recognized, you are making yourself a victim. When you victimize yourself, it’s impossible to be positive.” Here’s what you can do instead:   

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Recruiters Reveal Their 6 Toughest Job Interview Questions

Ikea Interview

In any job search, you’re competing against smart, qualified applicants. So you need to dazzle your potential employer with a stellar interview performance!

Employers use the interview as an opportunity to weed out the candidates who just don’t mesh well in terms of personality, culture and values. To make sure you’re the person they want to hire, they’re going to toss in some difficult questions your way… and you better be prepared with very good answers…   

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3 Tips to Turn Job Hopping into a Positive

It’s understandable why an employer may be skeptical of candidates whose resumes show many jobs in a small time frame — is he unreliable, restless or flaky?

At the same time, this negative perception isn’t fair for those who have left several jobs for justifiable reasons, like terrible management, cultural mis-fit, layoffs, etc.

Rather than being defensive about the job hopping stigma, create a more positive perception by addressing your high quantity of jobs. Here’s how to turn the negative perception of job hopping into a positive:   

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A Little Bird Told Me: Twitter Makes Your Job Search Stronger


CareerBliss took a poll recently asking “Is Twitter a part of your job search?”

Of the more than 500 respondents, nearly half said, “I have no idea how to use Twitter for job searching,” and 41 percent said “No, Twitter is totally useless in my job search.”

We understand why skeptics might roll their eyes at using the same forum as “hey, look at me” celebrities – like Kim Kardashian – who share an obscene number of self-portraits and ridiculous amounts of self-promotion…   

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Keywords: Golden Key to a Resume Recruiters Will Read


Have you submitted resumes to countless companies and gotten zilch in return?

One common resume blunder is failing to include searchable keywords that correspond to the job seeker’s skills and desired position. Keywords are the lifeblood of resumes — particularly because employers are bombarded with thousands of resumes.

Without keywords, your resume is as good as dead.

We asked career and HR experts for advice on the types of must-have keywords employers look for. Does your resume include the following?   

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