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A Young Careerist’s Guide to Writing a Killer Resume

Young Careerist Resume Writing

Scoring your first real job can feel a little daunting at times, but there’s always something you can do to up your chances. For instance, you can make your resume (and LinkedIn profile) as perfect as possible.

To help you do just that, we’ve spoken with some of the best, most reputable Generation Y experts to gather resume best practices for young professionals. Here’s what they said…   

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12 Proven Ways to Turn Your Internship into a Job Offer

Internship to Job

Your internship is a great way to gain experience, develop skills and greatly improve your chances of getting catching a recruiter’s attention. Even better, many internships lead to a job offer; I had three internships during my college career, and the last one turned into my first full-time job!

This is how I went from intern to employee – see if these tips work for you, too…   

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Survey of Recruiters Reveals: The Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes

Job interview mistakes

A staffing firm in Oklahoma City, Express Employment Professionals, surveyed 300 hiring managers about the biggest interview blunders they’ve seen – and some of the results are hard to believe.

We figured you’d get a kick out of these resume mistakes job seekers have made. Check out the list and, please… don’t make these mistakes…   

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Bosses Tell All: 5 Steps to that First Promotion


To pinpoint the best possible ways to earn your first promotion, we asked bosses at various companies to share unique stories that resulted in their promoting an employee. These methods are tried and true.

Hey, if it worked for them, it can work for you…   

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Trending: Employers Making Job Offers… on Social Media


Just imagine: You’re browsing the usual: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Boom! Up pops a notification from an employer asking, “Will you join our team?”

We spoke with a couple of hiring managers (including Bankey’s boss) who have extended an offer on social media. Read on to find out why a manager would offer a job so publicly…and what can you do to be wooed!   

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5 Habits That Will Stunt Your Career Growth

stunt your career growth

What do Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen King and NBA’s recent heartthrob Jeremy Lin have in common?

Yup, legendary success — a direct result from their pristine work ethic.

We’re creatures of habits. Taking steps to quit poor daily habits at work is a great step to self-conditioning yourself for legendary success.

We spoke with a few experts on workplace efficiency who point to some studies that help us understand the most common, objectionable work habits today:   

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