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10 Tips for Writing a Resume Recruiters Will Read

Tip Top Resume

Your resume provides employers with the relevant information they need to decide whether to invite you for an interview, or not.

But first, a recruiter has to be impressed enough to actually read your resume. And for that to happen, your document must be focused and concise; in just a few seconds, it must project you as a candidate worthy of serious consideration…   

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The 8 Critical Elements of an Effective Job Search

Eight Elements of a Successful Job Search

You’ve heard this before: “finding a job is a full-time job.”

I have a different approach: “finding a job is a full-time job… and you’re working 100% on commission the whole time; you don’t get paid until you ‘close the deal’.”

Because there are no rewards until you get the job offer, your job search requires a multi-faceted approach… and you must know the eight critical elements of a successful job search…   

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Forget Cookie-Cutter Career Advice: In Most Cases “It Depends”


Ask ten people for career advice, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. And if just one of them is being completely forthcoming, the answer you’ll hear will be just two words:

“It depends.”   

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Finally: A Job Description for the 21st Century Job Seeker


In a previous blog post, Conducting an Effective Job Search, I wrote that “finding a full-time job is a full-time job.” And then I thought: “Every job has a job description, right?”

So I’ve created a job description for everyone that ever needs to find work. Here, you’ll see exactly what skills are required, as well as the duties you’ll need to perform well, to do a decent job… of being being a job seeker in today’s workplace…   

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Career Planning for Recent Grads: Every Starting Line is Different


I received a tweet this morning from a senior who graduated from a university a few days ago, “what do you do when you are exactly as the student described in that post except you are now in the real world?” Basically, what do you do if it’s too late to follow advice such as join student groups, do summer internships, attend career fairs, and take part in college job shadowing programs?   

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Why Your Career Planning Should Start Right Now

career plan

At a previous college, I had the opportunity to visit freshmen classrooms to present on career planning. My message to students was to start now; to take specific action steps each year so you will be in much better position to achieve your career goals come graduation.

No matter where we are in life, or what’s on the horizon, there is always an opportunity for planning ahead…   

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