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Why You Must Quantify Accomplishments: Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

quantify accomplishments

When drafting a resume, the one piece of paper that’s going to convince someone to give you a job based on your concrete accomplishments, what should you do instead of writing a paragraph of adjectives to describe what you did in a convincing way?

Get rid of all that and quantify accomplishments with numbers.   

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Resume Writing Experts: Job Search Advice from People in the Know

resume writing experts

As resume writing experts, we routinely hear of clients taking a full year after college to land their first real full-time job.

Why? Because they listen to all the well-intended but misguided advice from their college friends. And they make all the same mistakes those friends made. In the long run, they pay for it…   

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Resume Overshare: What Not to Share with Prospective Employers

resume overshare

You know that Facebook friend you have who’s plastered across your dashboard because they tend to overshare?

Yeah, that stuff is just as obnoxious on your resume, except you’re going to be the one who loses out…   

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7 Ways to Greatly Increase Income Without Changing Jobs

increase income

Many people believe that in order to increase income in their careers, they need to change jobs. While that is often true, there are a number of ways that you can work within your current company to increase income.

Regardless of which of these steps you choose to focus on, the most important thing is to focus on increasing the value you bring to the company…   

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Changing Career Paths Made Easy: A Simple Six Step Guide

changing career paths

Changing career paths is one of the most challenging moves one can make. There are a lot of obstacles in the way changing career paths.

So from beginning to end, it needs to be carefully undertaken in order to be achieved.   

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Important Job Interview Tips Exclusively for the Millennial Generation

millennial generation

The fact is though, Millennials deserve some of the blame for our job hunt troubles.

Studies show that we consistently come up short during the interview process in areas where we should be overwhelmingly succeeding.    

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