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A Comprehensive, Six Step Guide for Today’s Career Changer

career changer

Changing careers is often one of the most challenging moves one can make in the professional world. In fact, there’s a myriad of different obstacles that impede a career changer, starting with a lack sufficient experience in your career path.

This a potentially life changing goal. As such it needs to be carefully undertaken from beginning to end…   

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When Writing Resumes, Don’t Tell Them, Show Them

writing resumes

There is an old adage about writing that goes something like “show, don’t tell.” The idea is that good writing shows what the author wants to communicate, and through showing lets the point communicate itself. Bad writing tells the reader things. Writing resumes is the same way. You don’t want to say what you are. That is telling. You want to say what you did, which is showing. There’s a big difference. The job search is all a numbers game after all.   

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5 Pieces of Expert Cover Letter Advice to Help Open the Interview Door

expert cover letter advice

While a resume gives you a complete introduction to the potential employer, a cover letter adds that personal touch that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Here are five tips sure to help you open the door to more job interviews…   

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Are you Employable? What to Do When You Graduate Without a Job


You fought your way through that brutal final stretch run of exams, review sessions, and all-nighters in the library. You can finally say you are a college graduate!

But during all that time spent trying to make sure you got your diploma, did you make sure to spend some time making sure you were employable?   

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No Relevant Experience? Here’s How to Fill Up Your First Real Resume

relevant experience

How do you fill up a resume with quality content when you lack relevant experience?

This is the time of year when even the worst procrastinators among college students start working on their resumes in earnest. After all, there are still summer jobs and internships at stake…   

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Creative Cover Letters: How to Stand Out Without Getting Thrown Out

creative cover letters

Utilizing creative cover letters can be tricky. They’re tricky because they have no real rules (like the Wild West of the Career World).

A lot of people, especially recent graduates, often feel tempted to write unique cover letters to show off their personality…   

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