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On Being a Noob at Networking Events and Conferences

As a student, recent grad, or newbie to the work force, you might be (and you SHOULD be) going out of your way to get to all kinds of events and meet people – happy hours, panels, workshops, conferences.

But once you’re there, they can be a little intimidating – everyone knows everyone else, there’s the “cool kids” table at the back, and suddenly you’re back in middle school, wondering if you’re going to have to eat your lunch in the bathroom stall again.   

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Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Social Network: Online and Off

If you’ve dipped a toe into the world of social media marketing, you’ve probably heard of the “80/20 rule”.

It applies to a brand’s output on a social media channel, and generally stipulates that you should (as a company, organization, or professional) focus no more than 20% of your posts talking about yourself, and 80% talking about other: Other companies, other campaigns, other projects, other news, interesting factoids or humorous tidbits – anything that’s NOT all “me, me, me”.

Social is social, whether it’s online or in person. And when we meet and you instantly bombard with me with YOU YOU YOU and forget to offer me something of value… I start to tune you out   

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A Mentor’s Lament: “Help Me, Help You”

I get asked questions a LOT. And 99.999993 percent of the time, I’m more than happy to help out. Whether it’s something as small as “what’s a widget?” or as big as “how do I turn my love of social media into a career?”, I’m all too happy to dole out advice and nuggets of wisdom as Someone Who’s Been There.

From all of these questions, I’ve noticed a pattern in the types of inquiries that tend to solicit the best responses from me.   

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Owning Your Ignorance: 3 Steps to “I Got This”

When I started my shiny new job as a social media consultant and strategist at iostudio, I was more than a little terrified (as I should have been – cocky isn’t a good color on anyone). In addition to the normal new job jitters, I was also tackling the social media world as a professional (read: paid), rather than a hobbyist, for the first time. NBD.

But as I started to learn the ropes of agency world and delved into my new tasks, I kept experiencing a jarring (but not at all unpleasant) realization:   

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Is Your Twitter Profile Follow-worthy? Or God-awful?

Whether you’re a casual Twitter user, a digital networking powerhouse, or a small business looking to use Twitter for marketing, chances are you could benefit from increasing your social media footprint. An efficient way to to this would be to follow people on Twitter and have them follow your Twitter account in-turn.

But is your profile worthy of being followed? Or is it God-awful?   

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