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5 Ways to Move Momentary Contacts to Meaningful Relationships


Amassing a vast amount of contacts is one thing. Staying in touch and growing contacts into relationships is quite another.

I learned I have no discipline around capturing, categorizing or following up with my contacts. How could I possibly nurture and more fully develop my network if people were constantly falling through the cracks?

So I asked a few people who are really good at cultivating relationships what they do…   

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These “Never Forget” Items are Cornerstones of a Successful Career

Career Success Cornerstone

I recently facilitated a great conversation about two issues that make a huge difference in your career.

Performed consistently, these “never forget” items serve as two cornerstones in building a successful career. They are simple ideas… tips we hear often but that in reality aren’t actually used any near often enough (even though one easily facilitates the other)…   

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Before the Elevator Pitch… Your Introduction Is Most Important


Think about how many times we are asked in either a professional or social setting, “What do you do?” or “Please introduce yourself to the group.”

Similar to writing a compelling bio, taking the time to craft an interesting, concise, reusable response to “What do you do?” or “Please introduce yourself to the group” is an excellent investment. If you can describe yourself in a way that is appealing to others, it will open the door to opportunities and further conversations and questions.   

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Don’t Be Bowled Over… Be Referee of Your Own Career


Are you excited for Superbowl Sunday? Ready for a skills face-off of Richard Sherman vs Peyton Manning? Here’s to hoping the players decide the game’s outcome more than the refs do.

Since we’re in football mode… let me ask you this – are you serving as the ref in your own game of life? Or do you let others in your life “make the call”? When life feels like it’s getting out of control, don’t be afraid the “pull the plug”, like the lights-out event in last year’s Superbowl, and regroup.   

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The Branding X Factor: How Do Others Perceive Your Value?


Are you acutely aware of your personal brand? Do you know how others perceive your contribution and value?

If you were asked right now, at this moment, could you clearly and passionately articulate your “X” factor?   

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5 Tips to Exponentially Expand Your Professional Network

exponential increase

“Networking” is term that gives many that sick feeling, especially among us introverts. However, if think of it in terms of simply building relationships, the idea of networking may be much more palatable.

Here’s the thing – your network is the people you know. It’s the starting point. Your starting point…    

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