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3 R’s You Can’t Live Without: Referrals, References and Recommendations


Referrals, references, and letters of recommendation are all significant pieces of the job search puzzle, and they all require you to ask somebody for something.

As you are likely all too aware, a job search is not a solo project. Who can you ask for help and what exactly do you need from them? What are employers looking for when they ask for references? Lexie Forman-Ortiz from SmartRecruiters was kind enough to discuss these questions with me and suggest ways to include your professional network in the process.   

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The 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a New Job


While there’s no way to truly experience the organization before accepting an offer, what can job seekers do to better estimate what the new job will be like? The following questions are designed to help you find out what you need to know about your responsibilities on the job, in the workplace environment, and as part of company culture:   

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The College Connection: 7 Career Questions to Ask Alumni


If you’re struggling with career decision-making, or looking for a new direction in your job search, solid advice and mentorship may be closer than you think…

In the form of your alumni network!

Here are some tips on how best to connect with alumni, by asking really good questions…   

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4 Online Tools to Help You Practice Job Interviews


As hiring managers compare your resume, cover letter and online presence to the needs of the position, you’ve survived several layers of candidate screening. You’re feeling confident as you’ve made it to the job interview. But are you really ready?

Practice interviews should be part of your preparation strategy. Here are four free, web-based and mobile solutions designed to help you prepare for your next job interview…   

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Google+ for Job Search: Your Profile Makes it Matter


Social media is becoming an essential tool for finding a new job or extending a professional network. There are endless opportunities to connect with individuals and organizations from all over the world.

When you think social media and careers, LinkedIn may be the first place that comes to mind. However, it may be time to expand your online reach with Google+ as your next step. A recent post from Mashable proclaims “you will be Googled,” so why not take action to fine tune the part of your digital footprint that is already associated with Google? Here’s how:   

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The Surprising Side Effects of Rising College Costs [Infographic]

The rising cost of college tuition impacts students beyond just loans. Larger price tags also translate into some students re-evaluating higher education overall, their future professional careers and some of their major life decisions.

In recent years, university tuition costs have some students opting to enroll in less-expensive community colleges. While some others drop out of school altogether or decide college isn’t an option for them at all. Find out more in this interesting infographic from!   

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