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10 Reasons Community Service Should Be Required in College

Volunteering is often considered something that’s nice to do, but not absolutely necessary. As a result, the number of students who volunteer is dropping at a rapid rate.

In fact, college student volunteerism peaked in 2004 at 31.2% and by 2010 had dropped down to 26.1%. Which means 3 out of 4 students are missing out on an enriching experience that benefits personally and professionally…   

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5 Signs You Might be a Loser on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Loser

In stark contrast to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn members have developed ways to communicate with each other. As the platform has evolved, some connection and communication techniques have proven far more effective than others.

Use the wrong tools, or communicate in the wrong way – like those described below – and you may be labeled a Linkedin Loser…   

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7 Questions You Must Ask When Networking with Alumni

Alumni Connection

Looking for a new direction in your job search this summer? Attempting to expand your personal network after graduation? Struggling with career decisions? Been-there-done-that career advice and mentorship may be closer and easier than you thought.

When was the last time you tapped your alumni network?   

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These 5 Questions Must Be Asked Before Starting Your New Job


While there’s no way to truly experience the organization before accepting an offer, what can job seekers do to better estimate what the new job will really be like?

These questions are designed to help you find out what you need to know about your responsibilities on the job, the workplace environment, and the company culture. They must be asked before starting your new job!   

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Sell Your Work, Not You: The Power of an Online Portfolio


In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough just to know things. To get a recruiter’s attention, you must be able to demonstrate what you can do and do better than your career competition.

Developing a portfolio of work samples is one strategy for demonstrating your skill. A recent study found that “more than 4 in 5 employers say an electronic portfolio would be useful to them in ensuring that job applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company or organization.”

So what should you include in your career portfolio and how can you best present it?

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Job Hopping: Still a Negative or the New Normal?

Job Hopper

The unstable economy has produced plenty of layoffs. Startups fold, and people have to move for any number of reasons. Job hopping has, for many, become the new normal.

If you’re a job hopper, whether intentionally or not, it’s worth learning the negatives it presents to a potential employers, how to effectively answer concerns… and when it might be best to just suck it up and stick it out in a job…   

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