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Fact: Recruiters Love Stalkers


Your recruiter wants to be stalked.

Well, okay, maybe not stalked like you would Facebook stalk a love interest you met last Saturday night. Maybe they don’t want to file a restraining order.

But they do want you to research them thoroughly…   

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Will Your Career Decisions Impress the 90-Year-Old You?

No Regrets

Daniel Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Life, has blogged about making good decisions—a skill we can all use. It seems love-related regrets are more common for women, and career-related regrets are more common among men.

Yesterday, I faced one of the most difficult situations I’ve encountered in my career—and I had to make a decision. So while I certainly find stats on career-related regrets interesting, it was more Pink’s strategies for avoiding regret that got me thinking.   

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Not Always Famous: 5 Celebrities’ Weird First Jobs

Jon Stewart Puppet

Many of us have worked jobs that we aren’t exactly proud of before starting our actual career. And the celebrities that you know and love are no different. They all had to start somewhere, and that place isn’t always the most dignified.

That’s why I put together a list of the weirdest jobs of celebrities before they were celebrities. As you’ll see, even famous celebrities had to start somewhere, just like you. Maybe you aren’t taming lions or puppeteering to pay your bills, but at least you know that sometimes it takes awhile to find your true calling.   

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You Started the Job! Now… Start Saving Money


Getting your first “real” paycheck is a momentous occasion – one that usually results in some big, expensive purchase, followed by many other small purchases.

Don’t wait until your first ‘account overdrawn’ notice from the bank to start making smart spending decisions. Start with these five:   

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Unusual Career Advice for College Grads: Work for Free

Have you ever wondered what makes people successful? Have you ever wondered what makes people wealthy? There are a lot of opinions on this, but one common theme. Successful people work for free.

This idea is made clear in the book, “Good To Great”, by Jim Collins and it is called the hedgehog concept. The metaphor is borrowed from the tale of the smart fox who was consistently outmaneuvered by the spiky hedgehog blows.    

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Still Looking for a Summer Internship? Try This…

You’ve been searching and searching for the perfect summer opportunity that will move your career path forward, and you just can’t find it. You thought finding a job would be hard, so you decided to find an internship instead—only to find that’s pretty hard to do as well. Now it’s June, and you’re still looking. What to do?

Try re-thinking your plan, using these key questions:   

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