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5 Tips for Putting Real Personality Into Your Resume


A resume is supposed to be a purely factual document, right? Dull, straight to the point.

Absolutely not! But it seems true judging by the number of job seekers who send out dead dull resumes and wonder why they’re getting nowhere!

Each time you send out your resume you’re competing with an average of 70 applicants. So to stand out from the crowd, it’s absolutely vital that you inject some personality into your resume.

Here are five easy ways to do this:   

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Awesome A to Z Guide to Getting Your Dream Job in 2013

A to Z

So Christmas is practically here, and with just over two weeks left to the end of the year, now is the perfect time to start mapping out your career for 2013.

But don’t worry, help is at hand; here’s an awesome A to Z guide to landing your dream job this coming year – only read on if you’re ready for serious change!   

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What To Do When You’re Over-qualified for the Job

You may read the title of this post and exclaim, “If only!” but being over-qualified for the job is becoming an unexpected but increasingly common problem in today’s job market. “Over-qualified” happens when your skills, experience and knowledge clearly exceed the job position you are applying for. Unfortunately many jobseekers today, particularly those who have been made redundant, are finding that in order to get back on the job market they are needing to apply for jobs a few rungs lower on the ladder. A housing Communications Manager advertising for the relatively junior “Communications Officer” role recently was surprised to   

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What is “Employability” (and How Can it Get Me Hired)?

“I have a first degree, an MBA and work experience; why are employers not responding to my applications? My qualifications speak for themselves.”

These are the words of a 20-something graduate I spoke with recently.

The missing link between this young man’s desire for a job and his lack of success so far can be put down to both a lack of understanding of ‘what’ will make him more employable and ‘how’ to put this across.   

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