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Lesson Learned: Direction and Decisions Based on Doubt

For years I listened to the doubt and stood still, paralyzed to move forward or try anything. I wanted to have my own business, but I would never declare that – why am I the expert, who would listen to me, why would they pay me?

Doubt can be a powerful thing if you let it creep into your head – don’t make decisions based on doubt. Instead use the sound of doubt to propel you toward your path.   

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Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life and Career

I’m not really sure when we all start being worried about what other people may think or say, but I know that the fear of being judged is a huge roadblock to pursuing your dreams. Fear of being judged holds us back and stops us from even considering so many of life’s options.

And the funny thing is, once you actually do the things that you’re fearful of, you are so proud of yourself, that others’ opinions don’t even matter.


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It’s Time to Kill Your Comfort Zone!

I have found myself in a rut once or twice, particularly when it came to my job. For as long as I can remember, I stayed firmly in my comfort zone. I did what was expected of me.

Until I almost had a meltdown at work…

When you’re stuck – either on an issue, questioning how to move forward, which answer to go with, what your passion is – you need to start with doing something that nudges you outside of that safety zone. Being uncomfortable, forces you to start doing something.   

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On Being Grateful: Have You Thanked Your Problems Yet?

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own world: things that are driving us crazy, holding us back, or not turning out as we planned.

I urge all of you to take a moment and reflect on how lucky you are to be struggling YOUR struggle. Even as difficult, challenging or overwhelming it may seem, there are so many others who are struggling for things/decisions/options that you have either overcome or accomplished. Remember that: you have accomplished!   

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Go Back to College… Or Get To Work?

Since the big crash in 2008, many workers have decided to go back to school to earn an advanced degree hoping that investing in their education now, will result in a bigger job and more money later.

Great idea in theory, but as far as actual payoff goes, many find that the “going back to school” response doesn’t pay off the returns they expected.   

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6 Not-So-Obvious Mistakes to Ruin Your Work Reputation

Being a part of a company sometimes feels as though you are back in high-school; the cliques, the perceptions, the gossip, and not really knowing where you stand within an organization. And worst of all, you have no idea what you did to ruin your work reputation, or at least tarnish it a bit.

I have seen this countless times in my career and unfortunately have made some of these not-so-obvious mistakes that haunted me for many years of my career.   

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