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Your Career Depends on Quality of Your Work – Not Quantity

Which is more valuable to a company? On the surface, it may appear to be the worker who hits their predetermined goals. If we dig beneath the surface, we may find that customers are unhappy with service, documents have spelling errors, and value is lacking. If an employee focuses on the quality of their work as a priority, and then the speed and efficiency in which they get it done, everyone benefits.

Following are the 4 ways in which we can keep focused on the quality of our work:   

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Appreciate Your Job and Watch Career Opportunities Open

There are moments when we struggle with our jobs, or must work through professional difficulties. Beyond these challenging periods, we gain an opportunity to approach our work with gratitude, appreciation and sometimes even joy. Mustering thanks for the labor we face daily, and actively identifying occasions to be grateful can be tough.

One thing you can control is your perspective. That simple act changes everything.

How do you best change your perspective when it comes to your job? By focusing on the value you contribute or derive at work.   

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10 Important Career Tips for My 20-Year-Old Self

Sometimes your career will go sideways. You’ll work in industries that have no direct correlation to each other, and learn immensely from each of them. The rewards and lessons throughout will surprise you.   

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How to Nurture Your Creative Spark to Benefit Your Career

Conforming to a corporate culture is often an integral part of successful career growth. As workers and contributors to a business, we have to speak the language and innately know a company, in order to achieve both personal and professional goals. Yet, how much of our creative and true selves do we lose in the process?   

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Workplace Trust: Your Most Valuable Career Currency

Sometimes, it helps to start with an implicit trust of our coworkers. As Ernest Hemingway said, “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

Establishing trust between colleagues creates a valuable currency in the workplace, and is a key aspect of relationship building with our peers. Trust allows us to open up to our coworkers, and enjoy a secure foundation from which we can explore new ideas, strategies and opportunities.

Conversely, the breaking of trust creates an unstable dynamic in the office, and cooperation and collaboration is then next to impossible.   

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Career Karma… Your Actions Now Affect Your Career Later

To err is human (as is to gossip, be frustrated on the job, or speak ill of a co-worker.) However, no matter what industry or role you are in, there are opportunities to practice good karma.

You’ll never know when karma will come back around – one day, your subordinate or intern could end up hiring you for a project or job.    

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