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Young Professionals and the Power of Constructive Criticism

Feedback is a powerful learning tool for young professionals’ careers. But sometimes the feedback isn’t positive… it comes in the form of criticism. In those times we can either become defensive, and deny and ignore the comments. Or find value, and learn and grow stronger. Those who successfully learn to harness the power of constructive criticism will find themselves far ahead of their more defensive professional peers.    

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Old Advice to a Young Job Seeker: Is Your Counsel Obsolete?

YouTern is happy to present this post by one of our fantastic interns – Matthew Forrest. During a recent Twitter chat, I was amazed by how many career veterans were openly giving advice to what they described as “career rookies”. After that chat, this thought occurred to me: Are we, as the youngest generation in the workforce, growing weary of advice that doesn’t appear to be helping? While well-intended… is this advice – and stories about how they used to get jobs pre-recession – actually helpful? How are we, as soon-to-be members of the workforce, supposed to know who the   

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