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It Would Be So Nice… If Dr. Seuss Gave Career Advice

Imagine if you can,
And if you can’t no one can,
What might happen if Dr. Seuss,
Helped build your career plan…   

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The Social Age Job Search: 7 New Soft Skills Now Required

Social Age Soft Skills

Today, employers are looking for soft skills no one even talked about five years ago.

And yet these skills have become so critical in the Social Age, that we simply must demonstrate them as we strive to compete well in today’s job market.   

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It’s Time to Trash the Long-term Career Plan

Trash the Long-term Career Plan

In a world filled with constant chatter about the speed of change, the ongoing disruption of industries, and the need to be nimble: does building a traditional career plan still make sense?

Said another way: Should we always know the perfect answer to the “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question?   

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7 Critical Skills You’ve Left Off Your Resume (But Shouldn’t)


How many times have you heard something like this in a rejection letter:

“While your qualifications were impressive, this round of candidates was excellent.”

Against such competition, how do you win? What do you need on your resume to jump up into the “excellent” level?

Here’s some critical skills that probably aren’t on your resume yet, but should be…   

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Are You a Good Investment? How to Attract the Best Mentors

Investment in People

In the Social Age, when it seems like we’re always on – always connected – our time is precious. How we spend every hour matters.

And yet we – those who have been around for a while longer than our younger colleagues – want to give back. We intentionally find time to do pro bono work, volunteer, teach and – in my case – serve as a mentor…   

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10 Reasons I Didn’t Hire You Today

Not Hired

You worked hard to get that interview. I thought you deserved it, or I wouldn’t have invited you in today.

You thought you did okay. Your hopes may have gotten up just a little bit. So you will undoubtedly be disappointed when I don’t offer you a job. You’ll be really disappointed if you never hear back from me at all, as happens far too often in the world of recruiting…   

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